Here’s How to Get Back on the Horse Once You’ve Fallen Off


Life is tough, but darling so are you!


First, let me admit as a self-proclaimed procrastinator, I have fallen off of the horse time and time again. I’ve lost focus so many times I’m pretty much an expert. This also qualifies me as an expert in restarting the process,, because here I am still pushing! Denzel said, “fall 7 times, get up 8”, right? And you can believe that I’ve gotten up every single time! Here are a few ways to get back on the horse once you've fallen off:



3.     GO HARDER






The first and most important key to getting back on the horse is never giving up! Striving for success is hard; if it were easy everyone would be successful! The goal is to not let the failure or road block discourage you from continuing on. We all get disappointed and sometimes shaking it off isn't so easy. Take the time you need to reflect on the disappointment, and then get back up! Always keep your purpose, your ‘why’, in the front of your mind. Constantly remind yourself what you are doing all of this for. Your purpose has to be greater than the fear, doubt and disappointment you are sure to encounter. Every time you get back up it’s a little easier, and you become even more invested in the journey. It’s easier to give up on your first try, as opposed to your eigth attempt. The longer you delay the restart, the harder it is to get back on the horse. Take a day off. Don't let your disappointment throw off your rhythm or progress, because the next thing you know a month will have passed, allowing your goal to move further and further away.



It’s imperative to learn from your mistakes and disappointments. Each fall is a lesson and valuable step in your journey towards success. Before getting back up and jumping on the horse, take a moment to reflect. Take time to understand why you failed. What went wrong during the process? What can you improve on next time? Addressing your mistakes allows you to gain a better understanding of your challenges and how to overcome them.



When I’m feeling ‘blah’, I usually have to dig deeper to get back on the horse. I might do an intense exercise routine in order to get me going. Once you accomplish something small, like a hard workout, it puts you in the mindset of achievement. Then you’re able to recreate that achievement in other aspects of your life. I immerse myself in affirmations, images and sounds that evoke a sense of creativity and well-being within me. Check out our Instagram for great words of affirmation. I like listening to the words and sounds that speak to my soul; I’ve learned it helps build my confidence. I also eagerly seek out things that will soothe my weariness and boost my energy. Remember to care for yourself through joy as much as you do through effort.


PUSH Harder...

Don't give up!

Sometimes my mind is just cloudy, so I block out an hour to do a brain dump. There can be so many things going on with your personal life in addition to family, work, and the side hustle, that your brain is functioning on survival mode. Many people try to keep everything in their head, which often leads to unwanted paralysis, ensuring that nothing ultimately is accomplished. Writing your plans on paper, especially using our Dreamcatcher worksheet, which allows you to break goals down into simple tasks before setting clear deadlines, provides a sense of clarity. Once you have everything on paper you can then determine the best course of action to get back on the horse.




Sometimes we can't do it all on our own, so find someone that you can lean on! Our friends are there to support us when we are in need. Give your BFF a call and let him/her know that you are struggling to get back on top of your goals. This person can remind you of your strengths, as well as recalling times when you were a rockstar. We tend to replay our failure highlight reels while forgetting about all of the wins we have already accomplished. It’s also good to call up that adventurous friend that’s always looking for a good time. Get out and do something fun to spark your creativity. A night on the town with the bestie can lead to feeling more energized and inspired if you have an awesome best friend like I do. :) Having someone to share your struggles with can be the exact thing you need. Never underestimate a good venting session.




Our Auntie Oprah says that, “when things get crazy and confusing, or you’re just not sure of the next steps, get still and quiet.” If you’ve never experienced the calming and centering power of mediation, then you are missing out my friend. We are always in constant motion. Even if you sit at a desk all day, your fingers are typing and your mind is racing. When we are tired many of us know to give our bodies a rest, but what about the mind? Mediating for a quick 10 minutes will give you a moment to give thanks for the things that you have and the situation that you are in today. Meditation also allows you to be mindful and take a moment to just breathe and re-center. Uncle Rush, better known as Russell Simmons, is an advocate for the benefits of yoga and meditation. He wrote a phenomenal quick read on its benefits and how he’s helped some of the most successful people start a meditation practice. The book suggests that ideally we should meditate for 20 minutes twice a day, but don’t worry, the book also provides strategies to work up to that goal!


The mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.”

Amit Ray



Accepting there will be wins, losses and endless opportunities throughout your journey to success will allow you to better deal with obstacles as they arise. Adjust your mindset to look at challenges as opportunities to grow and learn, not as limitations of your capabilities. Remember, the more you confront and overcome obstacles, the less impact they will have on your process. Roadblocks are inevitable, but arming yourself with a positive mindset and the tools to overcome will help you get back on the horse like a true champion.