Creating Your Clear Vision

It’s finally May and we’re ready for the warm weather and spring flowers! This month we are focusing on creating a clear vision and manifesting the life that you want. We all have an idea of how we want our lives to play out, but very few have a clear vision for their life.

Our current state is the result of all of our past decisions. The beautiful part is that we are fully capable of creating our futures. Creating a vision for your life might seem like a frivolous, fantastical waste of time, but it’s not. Creating a compelling vision of the life you want is actually one of the most effective strategies for achieving the well-balanced life of your dreams.

“Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey

A vision is something like a mirage in the mind, a state you want manifested into your outer world. Clear vision leads to fulfillment, purpose, and brings meaning into our lives. A clear vision allows you to be proactive, instead of letting life happen to you. The harsh reality is that if you don’t develop your own vision, you’ll allow other people and circumstances to direct the course of your life.


The power of a vision allows us to see beyond our present condition. The power to visualize was given to us for a reason. Through vision we can dream, create, and manifest what does not yet exist.

Your best vision blossoms from your dreams, hopes, and aspirations. It will resonate with your values and ideals, and will generate energy and enthusiasm to help strengthen your commitment to explore the possibilities of your life. What qualities and standards represent you? A clear vision includes aligning all of your actions with your core values. Start with a list of your core values, then brainstorm your aspirations and dreams.

You have the ability to write your story. Describe your ideal life in detail, and allow yourself to dream, imagine, and create a vivid picture. If you can’t visualize a picture, focus on how your best life would feel. Consider every aspect of your life, personal and professional, tangible and intangible. Contemplate all the important areas, family and friends, career and success, health and quality of life, spiritual connection and personal growth, and don’t forget about fun and enjoyment. Remember to ask why you want certain things and focus on your wishes, not what others expect of you.

You might not be able to visualize your life 20 years from now, but try. If you have to, start small and create  your vision for the next 5 years and continue to build on that vision as you manifest small goals into big results. Creating your vision is not a set it and forget it exercise. Manifesting is an active practice. You must revisit your vision frequently, and most importantly believe that you have the ability to make it happen. Your daily actions should align with your vision and push you closer to where you want to be. Remember, “where your focus goes, energy flows.” Checking in on your goals should be apart of your daily practice/routine.

"You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction." ― Alvin Toffler

Staying focused on your vision also requires a positive mindset. Affirmations are a great way to incorporate positive thinking into your daily life. A vision board is a great way to reinforce the vision and direction in your mind so that you can be more sure of reaching your dreams.
Write it down and create an eye pleasing visual of the reason why you must succeed, and make it a MUST, not a should or a maybe

Start today! Envision something you have always wanted to do. Let yourself be as creative as possible. Is it Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps? Finishing your education? Making a million dollars? Starting your own business? Whatever it is, you can accomplish it, and this can be achieved by first envisioning your dream to be real!